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Since its inception, our hotel at affordable rates and quality service and contributions of our valued guests, renewing itself with each passing day was a shining star in the east in Antalya.
Popular beaches of Antalya, Lara Beach, 150 mt. and at a distance, 700 to Istanbul, Ankara, 500 miles, 290 km to Konya, Antalya airport 17 km. Is. 6 km from the bus station, only 4 km away from the city center.

Hotel offers 36 Rooms, 80 Beds, 24 Hour Hot Water, Pool, Bar, Garden, Outdoor and Indoor Retaurant, Spleet Air conditioning, LCD TV, Satellite TV, Wireless Internet Access, Refrigerator, Air Conditioning 150 Meters Distance to the sea, Buffet Breakfast, and Dinner, Parking and Security System Available.

Otel Yönetimi


Lara Beach, Antalya The hotel is 150 m away from the most popular beach. The resulting glass blue Mediterranean waters and sand beaches of the day Dinlener veEğlenerek can swim.

In addition, organized yacht tours, Underwater, and can participate in water sports activities and participate on water at streamlining; Gecelerinizide Nights Antalya Moving with Joy for themselves.

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